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Program Fees & Cost

Berkeley participants will receive a grant, a total of $2,400, from CJS that will cover:


1. Round-trip between SFO-NRT (or HND), estimated at $1,500 (purchased by CJS) 


2. Lodging and transportation (including a JR Pass), $900 (stipend given to particpants)*  

*This may not cover all the costs of lodging and transportation in Japan


There is no tuition for this course. (funded by AIU)


The Fee and Costs Paid by Berkeley Student (Estimated):

1. Non-refundable Deposit Fee,  $100 (***Kumi-san, I forgot that we collected this.  Should we do this this year, too?)

2. 2 books, $50

3. Travel Insurance (Required, no exception), $200

4. Food for 2 weeks in Japan, $500


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